Flowers for Transit 2019!

Wednesday, May 15th, in the Bay Area

The hard-working public transportation drivers of the Bay Area get us where we need to go! Let’s thank them, generously, with flowers!
— #flowersfortransit

The Inaugural Flowers for Transit!

Join us Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 in the Bay Area!

Buy a flower or two and give it to your bus driver, train driver, ferry captain, Lyft driver, Uber driver, shuttle driver, or trolley operator! 🚍

Please take a photo of your gift on 5/15 and share it tagged with #flowersfortransit

If you want to help spread the word, you can download and share any of the graphics below the FAQs.


What is Flowers for Transit?

  • #flowersfortransit is a one-day Bay Area event, anyone can participate in.

  • It is designed to thank all of the transit workers and drivers who make it possible for everyone in the Bay Area to get to where they’re going each day.

  • It’s a fun, lighthearted, community project, to show transit drivers and carshare drivers how appreciated they are and to add more kindness to the Bay Area.

How much does it cost to participate?

Free! You’ll pay only the price of whatever flower/flowers you choose to buy. If you have flowers in your garden you want to give to a driver, then it’s completely free.

How long has it been going on?

This is the first year. Spread the word so we can do this again!

Who started it?

Callie Thompson, with the help of Claire Gallagher (who illustrated these rad posters!).

Why does it exist?

Too often, Muni train drivers, shuttle drivers, trolley operators, ferry captains, bus drivers, and others, go unnoticed, even as they carefully, thoughtfully, and safely get everyone where they need to go. This day is designed to amp up the appreciation and acknowledge the dedication and skill it takes to keep hundreds and thousands of people safe each day. It isn’t easy!

How do I participate?

  1. On Wednesday, May 15th, simply buy or bring a flower/flowers on your morning commute.

  2. Approach your driver, thank them for driving you, and give them the flower.

  3. There’s nothing special you need to say. Just be you and thank them.

  4. Take a photo and tag it #flowersfortransit so we can start a wave of people being generous around the Bar Area.

  5. You can even do it again on your evening commute if you’d like.

Why flowers?

The historical answer: Flowers for Transit is inspired by the symbolic 1960s act (and Flower Power symbol) of putting flowers in the ends of guns to protest the Vietnam War. The term Flower Power started in Berkeley where it was coined by the poet, Allen Ginsburg. When he wrote “How to Make a March/Spectacle” he generated the idea that flowers could diffuse violence in street protests against the war. He was right and many protestors used this symbol afterward.

Radical theater companies who were founded during that time, like Bread & Puppet, continue to propagate this prosocial positive messaging through art, play, and performance. #flowersfortransit is inspired by this kind of activism.

San Francisco was a core part of the Flower Power movement so it’s the perfect home for Flowers for Transit.

The present time answer: Flowers are a symbol of ephemeral beauty. They’re fragile. They’re beautiful. They’re colorful. They smell good. Giving someone flowers is an act of kindness. Flowers are great for apologies too, which many of these transit drivers may need from us because we’ve all seen our fair share of people yelling at them… In short, flowers are damn beautiful. Let’s do this!

Don’t I already pay to ride transit/carshare? Isn’t that enough?

I mean, sure! But this event is about going above and beyond the everyday, reaching out of your comfort zone on your way to work or school, and showing up with a smile, a flower, and a thank you, for drivers you may never have talked to before. Who knows what will happen if we all show up like this!

Any other questions, please contact Callie Thompson.

Graphics for social media:

Illustration by  Claire Gallagher

Illustration by Claire Gallagher