Western Earth collection.

A new series from my studio, exploring the textures of soil, sand, and suns.

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One-offs, originals, and new work

I’m making the move away from multiples and into one-off items that I make for the pure enjoyment of making art. There’s something different for me about generating a piece just from inspiration that makes it even more special.

This pillow is a one of kind that I made from my silk Mystics and Mountains fabric is 24 inches square (a large pillow form), comes with its pillow insert, and is great for hugging in these ever fluctuating political times…

Beautiful music + BEAM

Treat yourself to a happy time and relax to the new single "The Economist" by my friend Allen Bleyle, aka Fruity Al. I made him the album art for this new single that came out September 4th.


The documentary "Iris" about 93 year-old style generator Iris Apfel, is currently streaming on Netflix. It's lovely.

Iris's life, spent collecting and contributing to fashion, textiles, interiors, and style as a whole, is expertly documented by Albert Maysles (Director of Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter). The glitter of the global textiles and garments that Iris possesses, and the quirky objets d'art she and her partner have collected over the last 60+ years, is enough to make the film worth it. An added bonus is the beauty of the relationship between Iris and her partner Carl Apfel - a kind of tenderness and union that seems to be made from the decades they've spent growing alongside each other. It's a lovely, inspiring film. Carl Apfel recently passed away at age 100 which gives the film even more of a sweet sentiment.

Learn more about the film.