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Callen Thompson is an artist, designer and mindfulness teacher living in San Francisco. She is a seventh-generation Floridian who was raised in Melrose, Florida, a sleepy town with 27 lakes and one stoplight, in a home her parents designed and built by hand.

She left the rural South to study art at Dartmouth College, then lived and worked on an organic farm in Vermont before moving to Michigan to attend Cranbrook Academy of Art. She lived in friendly Austin, Texas for 10 years before moving to San Francisco.

Callen's paintings and textiles are inspired by the patterning in the natural world. BEAM is a natural extension of the windswept open spaces, saturated skies and mystic mountains of West Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Each pattern in BEAM prints and textiles is a vocalization of the tones, feelings and shapes of the Southwest.


Dartmouth College, Studio Art B.A.

Austin Center for Design, Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship

University of Texas at Austin, Summer Architecture Intensive

Cranbrook Academy of Art, Print/Media

Licensed Avatar® Master since 2006


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